There is always something going on at our farm! Up close and personal: you can meet the so called Schwarzbunt– and Simmentaler cattle in our barn, at the meadow or at the high mountain pastures in summer, there also are several other animals like chicken, goats, cats and dogs that will be happy to make your acquaintance. Altogether, we have about 15 livestock units. The stock changes from time to time. We keep our cattle for the production of milk and meat. Every so often you will be able to spot wild animals, grazing or just being curious near the farm or our alpine hut.

Experience the agricultural lifestyle and the work at our farm first hand. You can make a guided tour of our farm, visit the animals in the barn and you can also accompany us during the production and the processing of our own products. These include juices, jams, liqueurs, schnapps, milk and herb salt that you can buy at our sales corner.  Furthermore, your can find a fruit, vegetable and herb garden at our farm for fresh products all the time.